Table booster is majorly used for comparison driven analysis. Analysts use this extension to associate Google Analytics metrics, classify them and view them in grid-like tables in various visualizations. This includes coloring different rows & columns, heat map and use graphs in a grid view.

3. Regular Expression Checker

Regular Expression checker is basically for JavaScript dummies who have not much experience with JS coding. If you are not sure of how regular expression works or whether the one’s implemented in your browser are functioning accurately, you can use this extension to test them out, but do  make sure that your browser has JavaScript enabled before you get started with the debugging process.

4. Google Analytics URL Builder

This extension is very helpful and handy for using UTM tracking. UTM Parameters go hand in hand with site reporting and marketing. They are first handedly responsible for delivering information about the nature of the traffic coming from various sources. The Google Analytics URL Builder auto tags traffic and generates URL’s for your site pages.  Rather than looking for other tools on the web just install this extension with your browser and you are good to go.

5. gaSwitcher

This extension adds a header to your analytics account and allows you to switch between several profiles or GA accounts. while viewing the exact same report with all its data intact and with the same set of dates.

I hope I was able to help at least some of you with this list of extensions which would certainly help every newbie and even pros, working with Google Analytics to run their site. If you optimally use necessary extensions with Analytics, you would notice the amount of efforts which go into generating reports, manipulating site data and monitoring user activities reduce drastically.

So, tell us, which analytics extension do you use? Please leave a comment below and let us learn about your favorite tool

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