A whole bunch of common issues arise once you start working on Your Big Idea.

“I’m getting a little freaked out because …”

“I feel like everyone has already beaten me to the finish line …”

“When I look around, I feel behind …”

And they all boil down to this theme:

“I’m scared.”

Well, here’s the good news.

If you aren’t at least a little freaked out about your business (whether it’s a thriving concern or something you’re just getting off the ground), you may not be paying enough attention.

It’s okay to be nervous, worried, anxious, or just … confused.

Guess what? It’s overwhelming

Website design, content marketing, social media networking, product design, audience development, payment gateways, security, sales letters, launch plans, evolving technology …

Overwhelmed yet? Well, of course you are.

Because if you try to tackle all of those things at once, you’ll choke. No human being can process all of that.

Luckily, each of those complex topics can be broken into relatively simple best practices.

Challenges can be overcome. Problems can be solved. Solutions get put into place. One at a time, just in time to tackle the next one.

You know (because you’re smart) that there’s no such thing as an overnight success. All overnight success, at least in business, is built on a not-so-glamorous foundation of learning and work.

Do a little today, do a little more tomorrow

Know what’s important to work on this week to move your business forward. Work on that.

It may not be particularly comfortable or sexy or appealing. That’s okay.

(It could even be really fun. Even better.)

When you get lonely and frustrated, find a community of fellow lunatics business owners who can help you get over the rough spots.

You may find some partners who are good at the stuff you would love to quit doing. A coach is great too, someone who cares about your success and will help keep you focused and accountable.

Work on today’s task today. Work on tomorrow’s task tomorrow. When you get a little bit off the path (you will, everyone does), forgive yourself and get back to doing today’s task today.

Don’t try to figure out how to get 10,000 subscribers. Figure out how to get 10.

That will show you how you get 100, which will give you some important insights to how you get 1,000. From there you’re off to the races.

Still feeling stuck?

If you’re still stuck at “I’m scared,” remember you’re not the only one.

We all need guidance sometimes — to help us feel confident that our hard work won’t be a waste.

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