To maintain an accurate analytics report about user behaviour, it is essential to identify each user separately, so that their behaviour on different events, devices, and sessions can be effectively recorded and the data collected has enough integrity that it can be used for future analysis.

That might make you wonder, how a unique user is identified across multiple devices? How to keep track of the number of devices a user uses to complete a conversion? This is something very useful but hidden in every google analytics account.

The google analytics feature, cross-device tracking helps identify the user behavior across several devices and the way any specific activity is being done. The report that shows cross device tracking is known as ‘cross device reports’.

Initially, these reports are invisible in analytics unless you enable cross device tracking. To get this done, you need to make use of a very important feature called “user-id”, which helps you allocate unique ids to each individual user. To set up cross device tracking via user id in google analytics, follow the steps below and try implement on your analytics account.  

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