Audience trust is a huge factor in business success. If people think you’ll do what you say you will, they’re far more likely to buy from you.

Call us crazy, but around here, we like to build that trust by actually being trustworthy.

This week, we have recommendations on how you can improve audience trust (and the strong conversion that follows) by being transparent and reliable.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman showed us three copywriting fumbles that will weaken your business results. She uses examples from hapless Rick, who’s trying to pitch meditation services at the local natural foods grocery. Learn better persuasion skills, Rick!

On Tuesday, Loryn Cole shared how to present data truthfully and meaningfully, without introducing the errors that can unintentionally mislead. Data has tremendous persuasive power, so you want to make absolutely sure you’re using it ethically.

And on Wednesday, I talked about how to use that staple of content marketing — the numbered list post — and actually make it worth writing and reading. You don’t need to avoid numbered lists just because a lot of them are crummy. You just need to make them excellent.

Product of the week: Content Confidence Checklist

Just because a business has built trust doesn’t mean success will magically follow. But you can improve your odds by making sure your work follows proven persuasion models.

Our Content Confidence Checklist is a small but mighty resource that lets you click Publish knowing that you’re serving both your audience and your business.

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— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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