Have you ever wanted to understand what journey your users are taking to get to a specific page? This previously needed creating a funnel and waiting for it to collect data. Using a hidden report in GA we can now do for any page and that too for historic data!

Read on to see how we can use Google Analytics user flow reports to build funnels for any page.

First things first: What is a funnel?

A funnel in google analytics is a path a user takes to complete a specific action. You define this path to see if the visitors on your site follow the steps and at which step most of the visitors drop.

At first, it is difficult to define the specific path but once you have enough data in your analytics, you can do this easily.

How to Create Any Funnel Using User Flow Reports?

To help you better understand the process, I will explain the steps using an example.

Let’s say you want to define steps and create a funnel for your contact us page. The funnel would include the previous pages most visitors viewed to reach this page.

Note: Make sure to select a larger date range to get more data.  

Follow the steps below to create this funnel.

Step#1: view the user flow reports by landing pages.

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