5 Ways to Promote Your Webinar and Attract New Leads

Highlight Your Webinar on Social Media

Whether through paid or organic campaigns, social media is another effective channel for webinar promotion — if for no other reason than the sheer volume of people surfing their social networks every hour of every day.

Despite the potential for a significant amount of impressions, you still want to make sure your social campaigns are highly relevant for your target audience (especially on paid campaigns). This means focusing your social media efforts where they’re likely going to make the biggest impact. Dig back into your personas to discover where your different audience segments are most active and place your emphasis on these platforms. A/B test the messaging of your posts to include multiple tones and different benefits of attending the webinar. In addition to sharing links to your primary webinar landing page, you can create LinkedIn or Facebook events pages for easier signups and more registrants.   

Again, your copy and collateral assets need to be reflective of your destination landing page, but you might also consider including adding Easter eggs to the content your sharing. For instance, if you’re posting a blog that addresses the same topic as your webinar, you should include a prominent CTA in one of your content blocks or at the end of the piece (or both). In fact, you might want to update your editorial calendar to include relevant blogs solely for this purpose!

Include Webinar CTAs on Your Website

If you host, attend, or sponsor a lot of events, you need to have an Events section on your website, and you need to update this page regularly with working links to optimized landing pages where your target audience can learn about and register for your event. Further, you need to make sure your website visitors can easily find this page by including it in your primary navigation and also linking to it in your monthly newsletters and other outbound communications with prospects and customers alike. 

You also need to include webinar registrant CTAs throughout your website, especially on your home page — ideally above the fold as a vibrant button or callout to draw the user’s eye. As mentioned above, you should also consider writing new blogs related to the topic of your webinar and including links and callouts that redirect to your webinar signup page. In addition, you should review your web analytics to identify top-performing blogs related to your webinar and swap out the existing CTAs to link to your upcoming webinar. 

Lastly, you should include CTAs on relevant product and service pages. You know that people who visit those pages are already interested in that content, so why not take it a step further and invite them to learn more in an interactive setting? In addition to a button or callout, you might consider adding an exit-intent pop-up ad to capture new registrants before they leave the page.

One word of caution, though. While it can be tempting to plaster your webinar CTAs all over your website, it’s wise to show discretion in some instances. For example, don’t include any additional CTAs (webinar-related or otherwise) on your hand raiser pages (Contact Us, Book a Demo, Take a Tour, Pricing, etc.). You don’t want to distract from the central purpose of those pages, as the existing CTAs have a defined high-value purpose.

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