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Why won’t sharks attack lawyers? A professional courtesy. Ha! I’m just kidding. All the lawyers I know are wonderful people with big hearts, however, that doesn’t change the fact that

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Recently, AWeber’s Senior Content Marketing Strategist Liz Willits analyzed more than 1,000 emails from 100 of the top email marketers. She found that the average email length is 434 words,

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Audience trust is a huge factor in business success. If people think you’ll do what you say you will, they’re far more likely to buy from you. Call us crazy,

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The digital age is transforming how we think about marketing. We’re moving past assumptions and random acts of marketing and toward data-driven strategies and tactics — less guessing, more knowledge,

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What did you learn today that you wish you had known yesterday? If you have an answer for this question (or some variation of it, like “last week”, “last month”),

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